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Music Theory Level 4

Starting Monday, April 4

6:00 PM PT (Intensive Theory)

One-Time Tuition



Music Theory Teacher

Class Description

An increasingly visible performer across various musical genres, Dr. Joshua Vigran continues to collaborate and study with some of the greatest talents in the world. In 2016 Josh made his performance debut at Carnegie Hall playing chamber and solo works. Pending the ending of Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, he has been scheduled to perform in multiple countries across South America and Europe. Dr. Vigran has also been invited as a guest lecturer at University of Santiago, Chile to speak on classical improvisation. An avid teacher, Josh has worked as an adjunct professor of music appreciation at Parker University, and has taught piano, guitar, bass, and theory at several professional music schools. 

Our Level 4 class is the final stage of group classes in music theory, completing their intermediate theory studies and preparing them to continue into advanced music theory and analysis with an individual instructor. Students in this class will continue to expand their music theory knowledge from Level 3 to include more complex concepts including blues scales and harmony, rhythmic subdivision, chord symbols, and structural analysis. 

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