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Music Theory Level 2

One-Time Tuition



Olivia Kellett

Music Theory Teacher

Class Description

Olivia Kellett is an operatic soprano and music teacher. During high school, she was a part of the Orange County School of the Arts’ Classical Conservatory and subsequently obtained her Bachelors in Music Performance at Chapman University. Apart from her vast experience as both a soloist and ensemble performer, Olivia is a general music teacher at the Villa Park and Serrano elementary schools. She is a passionate about music theory and ear training, believing that this knowledge is vital to the foundation of well-rounded musicianship for any instrument or musical style.

For our Level 2 Online Music Theory Class, students will advance their music theory skills by participating in interactive lessons, discussions, and activities. The curriculum will build off of the fundamental skills covered in Level 1 Music Theory—expanding students’ knowledge of rhythm, melody, and harmony through both writing and analysis. This course is divided into 12 weekly 45 min-long class sessions. 

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